I recently had the opportunity to work for a start up as part of my Labs training for Lambda School. Labs is the final course before graduation at Lambda. This experience has been truly amazing and I got the chance to work collaboratively with some pretty incredible and talented people…

What is functional programming?

Functional Programming is all about deconstructing a problem into small and reusable functions that take an input and return a result. This allows them to operate in a way that does not mutate or change the data that is passed to them.

In functional programming data…

Despite being a very small and lightweight library Redux is often very confusing for both beginner and intermediate developers. Even if you have worked with Redux for a while it can still be confusing to visualize how Redux works behind the scenes to manage state in a predictable manor. …

Alex Motor

I am a freelance web developer who loves to create beautiful websites that drive customer interaction.

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