What is functional programming?

Functional Programming is all about deconstructing a problem into small and reusable functions that take an input and return a result. This allows them to operate in a way that does not mutate or change the data that is passed to them.

In functional programming data is not mutated once assigned.

What is the benefit to writing functional components?

Functional programming relies on the principle of immutable data structures to empower it’s functions and components to fulfil highly specialized use cases. There are a lot of benefits to composing functions in this manner. functional programming components…

Despite being a very small and lightweight library Redux is often very confusing for both beginner and intermediate developers. Even if you have worked with Redux for a while it can still be confusing to visualize how Redux works behind the scenes to manage state in a predictable manor. In this article we will walk through the Redux store in depth and I will show you exactly how the Redux store works by building a custom store from scratch.

Before we get started we need to understand what the Redux store is

In Redux the store is where all the…

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